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For All under who R unaprecated
United States
Favourite cartoon character: All Under Appreciated Characters
Personal Quote: Wellcome all those who are unloved by their fandom
Hey, Zuzu here!  :heart:
Welcome to the Under Appreciated Characters Fan Base, or UACFB.  (The whole thing didn’t fit ^^;)
This is a club for all the characters that are unloved by their series fan base.  Are goal is to spread love of all the little characters that tend to be ignored by the fandom masses, whether they’re from anime, TV shows, movies, or books.  :heart:
An Under Appreciated Character usually would be a supporting character that no one gives much thought to, however it can be a main character as well, not always side ones, as long as the fan base ignores them.  :heart:
Now I’m gonna say this right out: No Matt fans!  (Okay Matt fans can join, but he doesn’t count as an Appreciated Character, he’s so over appreciated that it isn’t funny.  :heart:) Or OC or FC.  (Nothing against them, just they don’t fall into this category.  :heart:)
So how can you decide if a character is unloved?  Look up the fandom and their name, then if they don’t have a picture where the main subject that isn’t in this club, then they’ve got a pretty damn good chance of being one.  Don’t hesitate to ask if they fall under the category of Appreciated Character, either, kay?  
I’ll try to make a list of Appreciated Characters in a separate journal, but it’ll require some corporation to do so.

How to join:
:heart: Send a note titled: “Joining”
:heart: After being accepted your name will appear with the other members.
:heart: Please then add us in your journal or something: : iconUnloved-Charicters-FB: (But without a space) and watch us for updates and what not.

How to submit:
:heart: Send a note titled: “Submit”
:heart: Use this form:
Name: *Name of piece goes here :heart::
Art: *Link to your piece goes here. :heart::
Rules for submitting art:
:heart: Must have an under aprecated character as the main subject.  After all this clubs purpose is them a chance to shine. :heart:
:heart: Please keep it at most R rated.  (don’t want X rated stuff anywhere near my computer. :heart: )

Help me, help you (List):
:heart: to add a character you think falls into the Under Appreciated character list send a note titled: “List”.  The note should contain the following:
:heart: Name: *Character’s name*
:heart: Series: *name of series*
:heart: wait, an admin type person will look though these and decide if they fit.  You will recive a note to let you know whether or not they’ve been excepted.
:heart: This is to make things easier on all. :heart:

That’s all for now, signing off, Zuzu.  :heart:

Club Admin:


  • Listening to: ev10 (Phase 2 Innis)
  • Reading: Random Manga
  • Watching: Code Geass
  • Playing: It's a Wonderful World (The World Ends With You)
  • Eating: N/A
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SombraStudio Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2008
I shall join thine club-eth! :XD:
Yay-nes! :XD:
SombraStudio Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2008

It seems I'm the only member so far. :XD: